Top 10 Fun Things to Do In Tobago May 30, 2017

Tobago is one of the world’s premier destinations and it truly is a perfect location to visit. However, for many first-time travelers they have no clue as to where they should go when they reach their destination or what to do. It can be tough because there are so many things to see and so little time. So, what are the top ten fun things to do in Tobago? Read on to find out more.

A Glass Bottom Boat Tour of Nylon Pool

The gorgeous Nylon Pool has to be one of the top fun things to do in Tobago. This is where you can see the marine wildlife in all its glory. What is more, you are able to take a glass bottom boat tour and it’s amazing because there is so much to see. You can see so much without having to step a toe in the water. There is the beautiful reef there too and it’s the largest in Tobago also.

Charlotte Ville

This is a gorgeous fishing village and certainly one that offers so much quality. The road leading to the village is spectacular and offers gorgeous views and the bends are really unique too. The ocean views below are fantastic and if you are in the area you can visit Pirates Bay. This is a fun location and you can have a lot of fun also.

Why Not Visit Pigeon Point Beach?

For beach lovers, they will adore Pigeon Point Beach. This is a fun place to visit and it’s really breathtaking. You are going to find it’s one of the most popular beaches in Tobago right now and it has beautiful clear sand and blue water. The palm trees are gorgeous and it truly looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie it’s that gorgeous. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Argyle Falls

If you are looking for a top sight to visit you might want to think about visiting Argyle Falls. Now, Argyle Falls is a beautiful waterfall and one of the very best too. This is the highlight of any tourist’s vacation and it does offer so much beauty. What is more, you can see an amazing view from the waterfall and there is a lot of wildlife to spot too. You might be lucky to see a kingfisher!

Explore the Bird Sanctuary of Little Tobago

For those who love to see tropical birds in a natural habitat, Little Tobago has to be the ideal spot for you. This is a beautiful bird sanctuary and certainly one that hits the mark. It was a very small island in a sense and there were colonies living there up until the late 1960’s. However, there were massive changes and there are lots of amazing tropical birds living there. It’s a fantastic sanctuary and certainly one that offers so much. Bird lovers will especially love all the bird species there and it’s a wonderful and very fun thing to do too.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Another top destination has to be Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Now, if you want something fun to do whilst in Tobago this is it. You have a gorgeous forest reserve and it’s one of the oldest in the world. There are lots of trails to enjoy and you can even go and explore deep into the rain forest as well. This is truly a wonderful area within Tobago and you can have so much fun too.

Fort King George

You want something fun to do? Why not visit Fort King George! This is truly a lovely location and one that is going to offer so much for so little. Built in 1777 by British colonies, the Fort is a beautiful location. The walls still hand and it really is amazing. You have some gorgeous views and it’s so peaceful there also. You can visit the Tobago museum while you are there and you can explore the vast land surrounding also.

Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is amazing. You are going to love the feel you get being amongst the sea life of Tobago. When you go scuba diving you have the ability to actually witness nature at its very best and it’s truly an experience you cannot recreate. That is why there are so many people who choose scuba diving when they visit Tobago. It can be a fun experience and certainly something that is memorable.

Enjoy Some Water Sports


If you love the water, why not try out some water sports? This is a fun thing to do and certainly you come to the right place. If you wanted to you could try your hand at water skiing or even kayak if you wanted to. There are many bays and secluded beaches you could visit whilst in the area and it can be great. You are going to love taking to the water. get some from info coming from

Visit the Castle

Nicknamed ‘the Castle’ Kimme Museum is truly fantastic. Despite it being a museum, it’s fun and very appealing. You can view its gorgeous sculptures and there is a lot of local influences in this as well as sheer beauty. The Castle is a real eye-opener and one that you are going to enjoy time and time again. This has all the beauty and charm of Tobago and there is really something special about it that will make you sit up and take notice.

Enjoy All Tobago Has To Offer

Visiting a tropical destination is always amazing and in truth there is so much to see and do. In Tobago, you have lots of amazing sights to visit and lots of great activities to try also. The above are just ten of the top fun things to do whilst in Tobago but there are lots more. Why not try something new and explore all the island has to offer?

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